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Scully Patriotic Short Sleeve Western Shirt

This men’s Scully patriotic short sleeve western shirt is the ultimate expression of wearable national pride. It’s broad stripes and embroidered bright stars are the perfect outfit to wear at any holiday event, especially July 4th. This shirt could last a lifetime if cared for and if it is reserved for National holidays like the 4th, Memorial Day, Flag Day or whenever an appropriate occasion occurs. It’s an article of clothing that can be passed on to future generations. Does it warrant a Facebook Like?

That’s one option. But if you are the kind of person who likes to wear it anytime you please, have at it. But, you should be careful about that. Watch out for over zealous types who might just run you up a flagpole.

Getting back to the shirt – wouldn’t it be fun to wear during International competitions while you chant USA, USA along with a group of frenzied sport fanatics. You still have time to get your Scullly patriotic short sleeve western shirt for the remaining World Cup matches, whether you among the fans in Brazil or at your favorite sport’s bar.

Don’t waste another minute. Get online with JC Western Wear and get your order in pronto. Capisce?

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