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Buy Men’s Stetson Snip Toe Harness Boots Online

Men’s Stetson Snip Toe Harness Boots

Classic and funky are words that have been used to describe these rugged looking harness boots. Stetson, though noted for their iconic western style hats collaborated with their design team to introduce a stylish look that real western aficionados appreciate. These boots fit that bill. The unique square rocker toes stick their nose tips up in defiance while guaranteeing that your feet will not slip out of the stirrups. The style was once very popular back in the day when cowboys were cowboys and cows were cows.

view-item-nowCheck out the the pattern and coloration of the hand bleached shaft and vamp and have a close up look at the lemonwood and brass detail on the harness. These are great touches of machismo that add even more distinction. Imagine what a pair of spurs would add to these gunboats when you saunter into your favorite saloon or soda shop jingle-jangling all the way.

Lesser men will tremble in their totally inadequate boots at the sight of you. Women will flock to your feet for a closer look at your manly boots. Yeah, right. This could be life changing moment for you. Get a pair now cowboy while JC Western Wear has them on sale exclusively for their online customers.

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