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Shop Men’s Stetson Handtooling Boots

Men’s Stetson Handtooling Boots

There is nothing at all about these classy Stetson boots that says ordinary. No sirree cowboy. These boots are fit for the finest dudes or the flashiest cowboys, guys who like to dazzle with their two step routines. From the tip of their elegant wing tipped snip toes (whew, that’s a real tongue twister), to the stacked leather heels, these boots have a uniqueness rarely found. Take a close look at the details. It becomes quite obvious that someone, perhaps several someones who were exceptionally skilled, had a hand in creating these boots.

view-item-nowIf you are into technical issues, these boots have some built in features that to the comfort and durability. You will like the Duratread soles that last much longer than traditional materials. The moisture wicking footbed and heel stabilizers and the extra- comfort, gel insoles add even more value to the boots. You will get your money’s worth and then some with these terrific Stetsons.

Get a pair while the JC Western Wear sale is in effect. Don’t forget, these sale prices are available only for our online customers. You can save a few bucks and get free shipping too.


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