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Shop Stetson’s “ROYAL FLUSH” Color: Black Online

Stetson’s “ROYAL FLUSH” Color: Black

Mama don’t let your baby grow up to be a cowboy without owning a Stetson. Owning a prized Stetson hat was, and still is, the dream of every young cowboy. It was a sign of achievement in the cowboy world, much like owning a Rolex, driving a Beemer and latching onto a Supermodel are today.

view-item-nowStetson hats were always associated with the finest quality, top of the line materials and expert craftsmanship. That tradition and reputation has been maintained and the company is still held in high regard by cowboys, real or otherwise.

The Stetson Royal Flush model is JC Western Wear’s number one bestseller. The all black version in particular sets the standard that is recognized by those in the know as well as those who know about high quality.

As hard as we try, JC Western Wear has difficulty keeping the Royal Flush in stock. So we say to our customers that the model is “often” in stock. But don’t worry if we happen to be depleted of inventory, we will ship your order in 2 to 4 weeks. Unlike beaver fur, rabbit fur is easily obtainable. You know how those rabbits are when the lights go down low. So Stetson always has a ready supply of rabbits ready (or is it wabbits weddy?) to give their all to be Stetson cowboy hats.

The Royal Flush Hat by Stetson comes in a number of sizes directed towards females as well as males. Stetson is proud to be an equal opportunity hatter. Save twenty dollars when you order online.

Get youw own Royal Flush Hat by Stetson now!


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