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Fashion Straw Hats

The latest fashion straw hats at JC Western Wear are a far cry from the old straw hats of years gone by. Back a few years, hats made of that very common material were worn by farmers and country bumpkins who were as far removed from fashion as the man in the moon.

Things have changed for the better as hat manufacturers now are offering smartly designed versions of western style hats in a variety of colors and styles that have appeal to a broad audience of hat people.

You will be amazed at the colors, shapes and materials used in today’s updated straw hat lines. From tightly woven straw to coarse rafia and a broad selection of decorative shadings, ornaments and colors, you will be sure to find the perfect hat that will look as if it were custom made to match your personal characteristics.

You will love the way your fashion straw hat feels sitting on top of your noggin. It’s the perfect headgear for these hot summer days. JC Western Has dozens of styles available, all of which offer light weight and finely crafted style lines that will have you at the height of summer perfection.

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