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Straw Cowboy Hats

Hey cowboy, as summer approaches, it’s time to do some switching. As temperatures rise, trade your faithful old felt hat for a cool straw cowboy hat. There is no reason why you should remain a hot head all season long.

A new straw hat from JC Western Wear will allow the heat that gathers above your hairline to dissipate. That means your entire body will feel more comfortable during the heat of a typical summer day. Look how happy and comfortable our Facebook cowboy is. His straw hat has a classic style and look about it. The straw weave is tightly woven and pressed into shape so that the entire surface looks as smooth as a traditional hat.

The difference is that straw is lightweight and easy to maintain. You won’t see any sweat stained spots on the crown. The new straw cowboy hatsfrom stetson and other hat makers will keep their shape and keep you in comfort and in the style you are accustomed to. Chances are, you will hardly notice you have it on.

So guys, get with it. It’s time to make a seasonal adjustment. We suggest white as the best summer color. Off with the old. On with the new — at JC Western Wear, the Mad Hatters of Florida. If you like the idea, Like us on Facebook.

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