Womens Levis Jeans Special

Womens Levis Boot Cut Jeans Special

If you lean towards jeans better suited to wearing boots, you will be happy to know that the entire collection of Levi’s boot cut jeans, including the 512, 518 and 524 are being offered at a special price. These jeans come in a variety of color choices: white sand, premium dark, denim belief and black pressed. Check our site for the correct order codes.

Not to be confused with the Levi’s Skinnies, the boot cut 524′s are skinny to the knee, then flare out below the knee to make a perfect boot cut. It’s all a matter of personal choice and how you like to wear your boots. Boot cut allows jeans to flare over the shafts of their boots.

Have you ever had so many great choices before? Rarely will you see so many of the best selling lines at such terrific prices. At $9.00 off each pair, it will pay to order more than a couple of these popular jeans. When your order exceeds $50.00, JC Western Wear will ship them at no additional cost to you. Now that’s a deal!