Cowboy Cut Stretch Slim Fit Jeans

Men’s Wrangler Cowboy Cut Stretch Slim Fit Jeans – Black Stretch


Do you know how you can tell a real cowboy from a pretender? A real cowboy prefers to wear Wranglers over any other brand. The guys sure are liking the Men’s Wrangler Cowboy Cut Stretch Slim Fit Jeans Black Stretch version. No kidding. The next time you attend a rodeo or visit a working cattle ranch, check our the cowboy butts you’ll see scurrying around doing cowboy stuff. That means, roping, branding, riding, leaning on the fence and other things cowboys do. You will see a lot of them there simply because Wrangler jeans are the Official Pro Rodeo Competition Jean.

Look for the distinctive Wrangler patch on the back. The stretch slim version has become even more of a favorite with the guys. The elastic, blended with the durable denim moves with a cowboys. Up and down, twisting and rolling — the whole range of movement need to get a comfortable ride.

And when the ride is over, expect an even better one  when you head on into town and glide into Slippery Sam’s Saloon for an ice cold sarsaparilla. In fact, you’ll feel so good in your Men’s Wrangler Cowboy Cut Stretch Slim Fit Jeans – Black Stretch outfit that you might buy a round for the house.

But before you spend your whole wad at Slippery’s, order up another pair of Wranglers from the JC Western Wear online shop, while singing a cowboy’s classic: ky-yi-yippy-yippy-ky-yi-yay.