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Men’s Cologne Dakota

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Hey gents, the time has come for you to man-up and start smelling like the man you are. Get rid of that overpowering cologne you have been splashing on since your high school days. It’s time to create a new aura about yourself. You can start on with a quick spray of our very distinctive, extremely manly, Dakota cologne.

The scent is unmistakable, yet subtle. All it takes is a light spray to distinguish yourself in a crowd. Women appreciate a touch of fragrance like this on their men, but not an overabundant dowsing. Dakota cologne fits the bill. The combination of pleasant citrus and floral fragrances, combined with light touches of lemon, lime, basil, bergamont, and lavender add a unique freshness. Dakotafinishes the complex formulation with touches of exotic and masculine amber, cedarwood, vetivert and sandalwood. The resulting product is guaranteed to separate the men from the boys, while it attracts the women to the men.If you are not comfortable stepping up to a fragrance counter to buy Dakota, the guys at JC Western Wear understand. That is why we make it easy for you to order online.