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Men’s Dakota Cologne

Let’s set the scene. You’re in a beautiful dining room, alone with dozens of incredibly beautiful women. You are lying on the table wearing little more than a heavy splash of Men’s Dakota Cologne. You are the smorgasbord. All the women crowd in closer to sample the delicasies spread before them. That would be you, Mr. Delicassie.

The women rush forward like a band of crazed banshees, but they pay no attention to you lying there. All they are aware of is a delicious citrus floral fragrances and a wild assortment of lemon, lime, basil, bergamot, and lavender to go along with tantalizing hints of amber, sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver.

They women begin to grasp and tear at your flesh, maddened by the exotic fragrances that is you. Finally, as they begin tearing you to pieces, you panic. “What’s happening to me?” you wonder as the fury of the crowd intensifies feverishly.

Then it all comes back to you. While you were at JC Western Wear, you sampled a few squirts of the Men’s Dakota Cologne sitting on the counter. The crowd continued to draw closer and closer until finally … you woke up.

The next time you try a splash, you will know what to expect.

Men’s Dakota Cologne

Men’s Dakota Cologne After a full day on the high plains of the Dakotas, a guy can easily pick up the distinctive aroma of buffalo chips that permeates the air. Thats when you wished you had dabbed a few drops of your men’s Dakota cologne behind your ears, neck and under your nose.

That distinctively manly scent will invigorate you and assure you that when you step into the saloon after a day’s work, the cowboys and cabaret ladies won’t turn up their noses at you.

The Dakotas are the place where the Indians cut George Custer’s long, shiny golden locks of hair a bit too short that fateful day almost 150 years ago. Sitting Bull probably wouldn’t have picked up Custer’s disgusting buffalo scent if he and his troops had dabbed themselves with their Dakota Cologne.

But they didn’t and the story of Custer’s last Stand is history, replaced by a chain of DQ frozen custard shops that cover the country. Is this a true story? Who knows for certain, and who cares. But if you thinkthere might be an inkling of truth to the story, don’t take chances with your scalp. Buy a bottle of Men’s Dakota Cologne today. Get another for your horse.

Men’s Cologne Dakota

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Hey gents, the time has come for you to man-up and start smelling like the man you are. Get rid of that overpowering cologne you have been splashing on since your high school days. It’s time to create a new aura about yourself. You can start on with a quick spray of our very distinctive, extremely manly, Dakota cologne.

The scent is unmistakable, yet subtle. All it takes is a light spray to distinguish yourself in a crowd. Women appreciate a touch of fragrance like this on their men, but not an overabundant dowsing. Dakota cologne fits the bill. The combination of pleasant citrus and floral fragrances, combined with light touches of lemon, lime, basil, bergamont, and lavender add a unique freshness. Dakotafinishes the complex formulation with touches of exotic and masculine amber, cedarwood, vetivert and sandalwood. The resulting product is guaranteed to separate the men from the boys, while it attracts the women to the men.If you are not comfortable stepping up to a fragrance counter to buy Dakota, the guys at JC Western Wear understand. That is why we make it easy for you to order online.