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Women’s Western Shirts

Why is it that when a gal slips into a shirt, she gives it a whole new life? Take the picture of our sultry Facebook cowgirl for example. Her combination of short cut offs, cowboy belt and hat with a lively red plaid women’s western shirt, tied around her midriff sends as sexy a message as you will ever see.

A guy usually always looks great in any of his cowboy cut shirts- but a woman … at least from a man’s perspective, gives off an incredible aura of beauty, sensuality and wholesome appeal.

Look at her. All relaxed and comfortable in her casual mode. Nothing fancy, but all good. Can you think of a better way to to feel comfortable during the heat of summer? Why not dress for the season in one of the classic women’s western shirts from JC Western Wear, the shop where good taste, great style and cowboys and cowgirls come together.

Stop by either of our Florida locations in West Palm Beach, Jupiter or online and we guarantee you will find the perfect ensemble of casual women’s western shirts.

Salt Life Apparel

Those of you who have never experienced life near the ocean might not have any idea what living the salt life represents But a quick look at our facebook page illustrates a casual carefree lifestyle made even more enjoyable with the soft, comfortable line of everyday shorts and shirts T-shirts that carry the Salt Life label.

As you can see, the Salt Life Apparel our beach buddies are wearing couldn’t be any simpler. The photo you do see represents only a few basic items in the line. The newest additions to the Salt Life line are decorated with unique ocean themes that represent some of the activities we salties enjoy while we sit by the seaside sifting sand and swimming with the sharks.These guys and gals from Florida Atlantic University appreciate the simple fine styles, colors and Salt Life patterns that have made these items a hit on the beaches and campuses of the salt loving states.

If you agree, how about a Like on Facebook for Salt Life Apparel and all it represents. Find it at JC Western Wear.

Charlie 1 Horse Wanted Collection “Rivers Edge” Straw Hat

Here’s a straw hat that has just the right amount of sass and class to make any cowgirl look great. This Facebook featured western style fedora is the Charlie 1 Horse Wanted Collection “Rivers Edge” Straw Hat.

The raffia straw adds uniqueness to this classicly styled hat and is further enhanced with a brown leather hatband and brass honchos.The distressed leather stampede string will keep it attached as you fly across the trails. The distinctive Charlie 1 firebrand on the crown tells the world that you are a Charlie 1 aficionado.

Straw hats have been with us forever. This latest creation represents the finest craftsmanship and skill of its maker. You will definitely like the way you look in your Charlie 1 Horse Wanted Collection “River Edge” Straw Hat.

A word of warning: While this hat is a favorite of ladies with good taste, your horse may love it because it tastes good. Like us on Facebook and buy your Charlie 1 hat at JC Western Wear, the mad hatters of western style.

Florida Cracker Shirts

Florida Cracker T-shirts; If you hail from the North, there are times when you might not have a clue of what we’re talking about. Case in point: Florida Crackers. if you’re not from the sunshine state, you could think we’re talking about Saltine crackers, the kind folks like to dip into cheese or eat with a bowl of chili.

If that’s what you thought, no cigar bucko. A Florida Cracker is a name that goes back a century and a half ago. It refers to the cattle driving cowboys who cracked their whips over the heads of cattle herds to keep them moving in an orderly fashion. It’s that crack of a bull whip that gave the early rancheros their name.

Today, it refers to the descendants of the first wave of the original Florida cracker descendants. But nowadays, anyone who has been here for over a generation calls themselves a Florida Cracker. That being the case, they are all qualified to wear Florida Cracker Shirts

To honor our Crackers, JC Western now offers both a black and a white colored T-Shirt, both of which proudly proclaims “Florida Cracker” and a picture of the state on the backside and “just country” over the front pocket of these very delightful Florida Cracker T-Shirts.

Come and get ‘em, Crackers.

Cowboy Felt Hats

You can shop for cowboy felt hats here at JC Western Wear. Now don’t get it wrong, we don’t mean you should shop for hats that were felt by cowboys. But even if we did, it’s because cowboys know how a felt hat should feel – as opposed to one made of cheap substitute materials.

Here at JC Western Wear, we have become the Mad Hatters of the cowboy universe because we have felt thousands of felt hats over the past fifty plus years. The end result of our feelings is that we have found the finest cowboy felt hats in existence.

You too can find felt hats from Stetson, the father and iconic favorite felt hat producer of all the other fedora factories. Just ask the boys from FSU and Texas A&M what kind of felt hats they Like on Facebook. In fact, you can give Stetson a Like here too.

The boys seem to love the selection of great hats from Stetson, but they have also taken a liking to the outstanding felt versions from Charlie One Horse, Eddy Bros, Justin. Whichever hat they end up with will be a winner-guaranteed.

So men, there comes a time in your young life when the occasion to cowboy-up happens. You’ll know when it happens. It’s like a flash from above that tells you the time to shop for cowboy felt hats here at Florida’s mad western style hatter is at hand.

Patriotic Apparel At JC Western Wear

Shop for all of your eye-catching Patriotic Apparel At JC Western Wear. See the stunning selections by heading over tohttp://news.jcwesternwear.com. Many Americans celebrate this July 4th holiday all week long. There are plenty of fantastic looking mens and ladies shirts that feature all of the proud colors of our national flag. Awesome boots can be found at prices that cannot be beat. This is a great time to purchase this attire that will always be fashionable. Many inventory items, ideal for declaring your allegiance to the good old U.S.A., can be viewed and inspected by visiting https://www.facebook.com/JCWesternStore/photos. Let these models inspire you to wear your patriotic sentiments for all to see.

Let the good times roll, and look sensational by flaunting some of these edgy patriotic apparel options. Our country was founded on sound and enviable principles. By choosing to don patriotic attire, individuals let the world see that our hard-won freedoms rock. Enticing American flavored attire can be quickly ordered at jcwesternwear.com. Liven up celebratory gatherings by buying Patriotic Apparel At JC Western Wear today. Call561-748-8801.

American Pride Apparel At JC Western Wear

American Pride Apparel At JC Western Wear is exemplified on this Facebook cover of a cowboy sitting proudly on his horse while wearing a rendition of old glory.

This is a terrific outfit to wear during the 4th of July festivities being held across the Nation. But, why limit it to holidays? This spectacular shirt can be worn anywhere and anytime the mood strikes you.

Why not fly your colors on your back to show your pride in being an American. Check out the huge number of Facebook posts on our site from fans of JCW wishing our country a Happy Birthday. it’s good to see that this generation of young Americans have that much pride in their country.

JC Western is proud to offer our customers a wide selection of American Pride Apparel. All of us here at the Jupiter and West Palm Beach stores hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July and a great 5th, 6th , 7th etc., etc., etc.

We hope you can visit us in person or shop online for your All American apparel

JC Western Wear will be open on July 4th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL Stores

JC Western Wear will be open on July 4th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL Stores are planning to hold magnificent sales. Read about the $20.00 off any boot offer by visiting https://www.facebook.com/JCWesternStore/photos. Customers are required to bring along a picture of their chosen boot. See what is happening by accessing http://news.jcwesternwear.com during this upcoming American celebration. True to their down-to-earth hospitable nature, the owners are opening their stores to show their customers that they are more like family. This is a fantastic day to pick out sensational summertime bargain attire.

JC Western Wear has a phenomenal supply of patriotic ensembles for those last minute shoppers. Plan to stop in to see why so many customers rely on this retailer to keep their wardrobes looking sharp and seasonally stylish. This Independence Day, get in some retail therapy before all of the evening events begin. Shop JC Western Wear’s West Palm Beach and Jupiter, FL Stores. They will be open from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm on July 4th. Contact 561-748-8801.

Austin Western Fashion Felt Hat – Honey

If you’re looking for a stylish change of pace for your next cowboy hat, why not try this great looking Austin Western Fashion Felt Hat in Honey? The natural honey color is reminiscent of the golden hue we associate with that sweet, tasty substance. The finishing touches come with the soft brown highlights on the hat’s rim and crown folds.

When you step out in your new Austin Western Fashion Felt Hat, you will have all your favorite honey bees buzzing with excitement – and we don’t mean the yellow and black striped little varmints.

The overall great looks of this natural felt creation will certainly not go unnoticed. You can be a trend setter among your peers and the guys and gals with whom you share a few beers. Yes my friend, you can become a living legend of good taste to be liked and shared and noted across the country with hundreds – no, thousands of Facebook Likes.

Imagine, all that fame just for buying a new western hat. Not just any western hat mind you, but the very special Austin Western Fashion Felt Hat- in honey, at JC Western Wear, the trend setting western superstore.

Patriotic Apparel West Palm Beach

Head over to https://www.facebook.com/JCWesternStore/photos now to pick out your favorite Patriotic Apparel. West Palm Beach is a popular destination for phenomenal Fourth of July celebrations. Men and women will want to proudly display their American pride by wearing patriotic styles that draw attention. Scully has a line of terrific American Flag shirts that will look sensational at any Independence Day event. Select your desired sleeve length, women’s or men’s striking styles and transfixing details like beautifully designed embroidered star accents. These stunning western wear shirts are ideal for communicating your deeply-rooted American pride by wearing them out to the many fun holiday events.

Men and women can show true love for their country by opting to don some of the fine patriotic attire easily found by logging ontojcwesternwear.com. This is the perfect solution to dress in style while conveying your pride in America. Scully has several outstanding options in varying styles that prominently display a red, white and blue pattern with stunningly embroidered eye-catching stars. Wear captivating Patriotic Apparel. West Palm Beach is a trend-setting fashionable region. Contact 561-748-8801.