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Lucky You Boots by Tin Haul

Lady Fortune will smile upon the male purchasers of the aptly named “Lucky You” Boots by Tin Haul, featured now This footwear is where the West Coast meets typically western styling. This look is more than hot, it is a flaming inferno that fuels extremely high levels of a “Let’s Party” excitement. The designs, interlaced within these saucy boots, are familiar to enthusiasts of either surfing or skateboarding. An obvious sole features this brand’s signature look. Fine leather is handmade, and the brown shaft is enhanced with a striking marbled appearance. Everyone will notice the edgy checkerboard vamp display, and handsome embroidery stitching announces the logo.

These boots are not just worn along the West Coast. This exemplary footwear style is being spotted everywhere. Crafted with comfort features, this footwear is ready to party, go on adventures or kick back at home. This magnificent cowboy boot is also ready to buy on‘s Facebook option. To captivate females, don fiery “Lucky You” Boots by Tin Haul. Contact 561-748-8801.

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