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Buy Bailey Trinity 2X Felt Hat 4457

Bailey Trinity 2X Felt Hat 4457

Bailey has made a reputation for top quality western hats that are extremely cowboy cool. We think that is an apt description of this winning design. It has a wide brim and a wide rim and wide appeal to rodeo heroes and honky tonk leading men.

view-item-nowThe leather headband is handsomely appointed with a unpretentious pearl and copper adjuncts that encircle the crown. It’s just the right amount of ornamentation that sets off the black or brown felt material. Black seems to be more popular, but the brown felt version is much more appealing than the brown worn by our UPS cowboys.

The sizes are astoundingly similar. There are 5 sizes available from 7 to 7 ½ in ⅛ inch increments. That leads us to believe that cowboys are made in very close to standard sizes with only that small a variation. Can that be so? Do us a favor and ask every cowboy you know what is his hat size. If you find any with a hat size larger than 7-1/2, let someone at JC Western Wear know. Don’t tell them who put you up to it.

This is true western hat with an authentic look about it. The Bailey Trinity, 4457 hat is in stock and available online or at either of our 2 south Florida JC Western Wear locations in south Florida.

Order Bailey Trinity 2X Felt Hat 4457 today!

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