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Buy Buckaroo Black Wool Felt Western Hat

Buckaroo Black Wool Felt Western Hat

The Buckaroo is premium and quite stylish western hat that looks like you should be wearing it as your ride off into the sunset. Don’t know how many gallons it might hold, but we know for sure it has enough capacity to hold cowboys with heads that are size 6-3/4 all the way up to 7 ⅝. That range would also fit most of our cowgirls who like a great hat at a great price.

view-item-nowThe fact that the price is right does not translate into cheap or shoddy. This stylish Buckaroo style is made of a premium wool felt that will keep its shape through the years. It comes in everyone’s favorite shade of cowboy black. That means that the color is not reserved for bad guys and desperados. Besides, even the good guys of today, stop wearing white hats after Memorial Day.

The tall crown and wide brim offer extra insulation from the sun’s rays and provide your head with a good place to set the hat. The headband is made of what appears to be a barbed wire wrap that says “range rider” all the way. It is a great touch that fully complements the style and idea of the west. Don’t fence me in. Ride on over to your favorite computer and order this hat online at the JC Western Wear or at either of our south Florida retail store locations.

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