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Buy Skynard Black Wool Felt Western Hat

Skynard Black Wool Felt Western Hat

A Western man without a hat feels exposed and naked. Not just any hat will do. Try on the Skynard Black Wool Felt Western Hat and experience the difference. Made of 100% wool with a soft feel, this hat is comfortable with a mesh sweatband that breathes. The look is rock hard solid, with an easy to adjust brim. The design features brass colored concho star and longhorn detailing. A black leather headband contrasts perfectly with bold white elongated beads, stylish lacing stitching and weathered silver shaded spacers. The leather chin strap and adjustable keeper keeps this hat looking great anywhere.

view-item-nowStop at JC Wear if you are in the Florida area. These people know their hats. The Skynard black Western hat made out of wool felt can be purchased here. Stay awhile to enjoy the hospitality of the extraordinary staff.

People from different regions can log onto to check out this novel Internet shopping site. Customers from around the globe love the convenience. Orders are no hassle. Warning, it is hard to pass up the bargains. This site features  Skynard’s soft woolly felt Western head wear. Phone 561-748-8801.

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