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Whether you are indeed a true rodeo cutting champ or a fun loving cut up, you will love the high end look of this western belt from Tony Lama. This fine black leather belt is the perfect width (1-1/2”) for your fanciest jeans. It is the right look for any fun occasion, and certainly an attention gatherer. After all, it caught your attention, just as it will that of everyone else in the room.

view-item-nowThe scallop detail on the leather is well done, but the intricately engraved silver conchos add an element that is the real show stopper. Conchos are the round decorative silver pieces that adorn the belt. They are popular items that the Spaniards adapted to their use after seeing them worn by the Concho Indian tribes of the southwest. The early Spaniards followed suit and used conchos to decorate their boots, saddles, clothing and all forms of leatherwork.

The engraved western style silver buckle goes hand in hand with the conchos and other design features that make this belt worthy of a champion. See for yourself why we have enjoyed the relationship that our family developed with Tony Lama’s leather works. While you are on our new online store site, have a look at the complete line of quality western boots and leather accessories from Tony Lama.

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