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Buy Stetson’s GARNET Cowboy Hat Online

Stetson’s “GARNET”  Chocolate Hat Available at JC Western Wear

stetson garnet chocolateHere’s one for the girls, too! Stetson created their New Frontiers cowboy hat line with both men and women in mind. With the “GARNET” they designed a classic cattleman’s profile cowboy hat featuring a round oval fit that is custom made to order for the perfect fit while riding. That’s why you will see Stetson’s GARNET most frequently at rodeos.

view item nowWith a rich chocolate color this classic Stetson made from comfortable, high quality 4x grade beaver fur felt has a wider 4 ¼” brim that can be decorated by the ladies and gives it that traditional oval-shaped look. The leather band is finished with the silver Stetson logo. No point in messing with tradition, right? Especially if it represents the true American Spirit of the West and Stetson has been making hats long enough to know what true Cowboys and Cowgirls want.

Selling Stetson hats since 1954 JC Western knows what quality their customers want. From farm hands to ropers, truckers and two-steppers, they all buy at the one and only store for authentic Western Wear, JC Western. Their superior quality and customer service has made them the market leader in South Florida and their family continues to personally select what they offer their customers.

Now, with the opening of their new Internet store, they will soon be the one and only Western Superstore in the US!

Order your very own Stetson’s GARNET today!

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