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Celebrity Influence on Western Wear Trends

Western Wear and Hollywood!

Americans have been captivated by celebrity style for years.  And with each new year comes a new fashion trend.  Repeatedly the trend taps into western wear.  I’m not just talking about celebrities in western movies or the country music industry either.  I am talking about everything from country music stars, rock stars, Hollywood icons all the way up to past Presidents of the United States.

It seems also, that what we see celebrities wear …we want to wear.  What the celebs are wearing really does influence what we want to buy and try.

Stop for a minute and see if you recall…

Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachev visiting Ronald Reagan at his ranch and photos of  both in western wear.  White starched western shirts, jeans, big belt buckles and Stetson hats.  Do you remember?

Bing Crosby loved Levi’s so much he had a tuxedo tailored out of denim.  A newsworthy event!  John Wayne sported Levi’s that had both suspender buttons and the then new belt loops.  James Dean was a Lee wearer.  Paul Newman and Steve McQueen – denim jackets.

Do you remember when Garth Brooks sky rocketed to stardom in his heavily starch Wrangler Jeans and long sleeved western shirts?  His shirts were solid colors blocky patterned half white – half black or half red – half blue.  Remember?  Did you go out and buy one?

Do you remember when Taylor Swift blossomed in her tiny little cocktail dress sporting her cowboy boots.   Some folks went so far as to dress their bridesmaids in the hot new look!  Cocktail dresses and cowboy boots for the entire wedding party!

Did you try the look?  Did it work for you? Some say being a Cowgirl or Cowboy is not just a look it is a way of life. Many rodeo and music celebrities endorse western boots.

Western wear is a look that people want regardless of their lifestyle.  It is a look that is casual and comfortable yet trendy and a bit cutting edge.  It is easy to accomplish too.  Just start with a great fitting pair of western jeans.  Choose a western shirt that is right for you in a simple solid or a colorful plaid.  Make sure both are pressed.  Accent with western boots and a leather belt and you are not only traditional but in style and ready to go anywhere from Hollywood’s walk of fame to work or even a rock concert.  Shop for western wear at


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