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Corral Boots – Coming to JC Western

 JC Western is Excited to be Bringing in New Products

Coming Soon!!


Like Corral Boots….coming soon!

CORRAL BOOTS are made by the finest leather Craftsmen in this world.  Only the most experienced boot craftsmen create Corral Boots. And only the finest materials are used to handcraft your boots. Not only the finest grade of exotics, but the finest of all materials! Inside and out. What you don’t see is just as important as what you do see. 

 Corral Boot Company has become better and better at unique boot styling. They have gone from following boot trends, to making them. Their forte is in designing inlays, overlays, hand tooling, and cutaways that give the look of much more expensive boots at pricing that an average citizen can handle. Corral Ladies Western Boots have particular peculiarities that discriminating tastes can easily appreciate.  

 If you are familiar with better quality Western boots, you understand the value that handcrafted boots can provide. If they are new to you, you have to get through breaking them in to really understand how truly great they feel. Your friends will tell you to buy a handcrafted boot because they also hold up well. These boots are cut generously in size. They allow comfortable room for your arches. Until they break-in, they will slip on your heels. (In fact they are always going to slip a little, the design is different than a short quarter shoe, so the slipping will not rub blisters on your heels.)

 The leather sole system, with all sorts of foot fitting innards, provides a shock absorbing, arch supporting, surface for most casual and dress wearing conditions.

 Although a “cowboy boot” is one of the first things you look for, when dressing for cowboy events, people that wear Western dress boots do not always wear them just to look like cowboys. The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. As you walk, Western style boots pump air around your feet, which aids in dissipation of moisture, and even more comfort for you. This is why you do want some slippage on those heels!)

 Proper foot care now, will pay tremendous dividends in all your years to come. Cheap made shoes create all sorts of problems years from now. And soft bottom tennis shoes, designed for active sports, were never made to wear all day. 

Look for Corral Boots soon at JC Western

Editor’s Note:  We attended a trade show recently and have placed our initial order.  Check-In with us and we will let you know when we expect our shipment. 



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