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Dan Post Elizario Leather Boots

Cash in on bonus February savings by purchasing mystifying Dan Post Elizario Leather Boots from This intricately detailed model is available at an online special sale that knocks $23.00 off the usual price. In addition, purchasers can get an extra $15.00 break when they apply the retailer’s customer appreciation Promo Code prior to checking out of this fantastic online shop. Guys that wear this splendidly designed footwear model will get plenty of female interest. This durable cowboy boot is softened with a stylish Mad Cat pattern including eye-catching color accents that meshes well with the handsome tan overall boot shade.

A trendy vintage flair comes from meticulous distressing on the solid leather outsoles. True cowboys will see that the heel is marvelously authentic. For those occasions when a dressier look is desired, this boot’s edgy snip toes and beautifully detailed pull tabs makes this footwear an ideal wardrobe selection. JC Western Wear also offers this memorable sale on exquisite Dan Post Elizario Leather Boots on their favored Facebook site accessed via day or night. Contact 561-748-8801.

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