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Dear Diane Sawyer – “Made in America”

Missing Elements in the “Made In America” Series

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This letter was sent via web interface and US Mail to Diane Sawyer in June 2011.  As of  this date JC Western has not received a response.

Dear Diane Sawyer:

I write today to respectfully suggest that you consider reporting on a few missing elements in the series “Made in America”.  As much as I have enjoyed the segment, I can’t help but notice the fact that the true identity and business activity of the manufacturing/marketing companies has not been addressed.  I am not one to name names so I will speak by example only.  There are many large companies in America that continue to represent themselves as “American Manufacturers” when in reality they are now “American Marketing Firms”  … companies manufacturing in foreign countries, employing non-Americans, that are not owned by Americans nor American entities, who continue to deceive the American public into thinking they are producing and we are buying American made products.

I am a second generation small business owner commonly referred to as a “Mom & Pop Operation”.  My parents founded JC Western Supply over 60 years ago.  They were the proverbial immigrants from Canada & Russia (one Catholic and one Jewish), like many others that had come to the “land of opportunity” to found a privately owned small business.  They were proud to become Americans and have the opportunity to help each other achieve their dreams.  My parents’ goal was to sell cowboy boots, hats, jeans and work wear to the American farmer and the American public.  They bought and sold products manufactured in America by other Americans employed by other American companies. Business people like my parents were fully prepared to work hard; provide a quality product; and customer service to go with it.  They earned fair pay and built their own reputations expecting to pay their taxes and live by the rules of American society.   This type of dream has been killed for future generations.  It is no longer possible to do what my parents did in America. 

The rules of doing business in America were established by our forefathers/mothers.  The rules and their small businesses were built and founded on moral fiber and an honest solid work ethic.   Our government then ratified these rules, ordinances, laws and taxes as being fair and just.  Where are they now? 

        American small business owners continue to be held to the good ole’ fashioned rules of doing business, while the Big Box Retailers and Marketing Companies blatantly evade all rules of business including but not limited to, being an Equal Opportunity Employer; paying a fair wage over and above minimum wage, paying taxes and continuing to carry insurance.  We know they go outside the country for their labor to circumvent the rules here in America and to avoid paying taxes and not only do we allow it, but we allow the media and our government to continue to spotlight the offense without consequences!  No one can afford to start a new small business (Manufacturing or Mom & Pop Operations etc.) in America the way things are.

As I try, with my siblings, to hold onto my parents dream we find ourselves caught in a Bureaucratic trap.  The false representation to the people of America by the “Big Box Retail and Marketing Companies” and their knock-off foreign made products, of even lesser quality, is pushing American manufacturers out of business.  There is no more manufacturing industry in America.  We have created a throw-away society…sacrificing quality for quantity.  The average person thinks it is cheaper to buy something multiple times (quantity) versus one time (quality).  The only people making money are the “Foreign Manufacturers”.   The cost of doing business in America for a small business owner far outweighs any profit to be made as things stand.

Neither the American consumer, nor the American small business owner should be held accountable for the current state of business in America as this segment implies!  The “Mom & Pops” are disappearing and the “Big Box Companies” are supporting foreign countries.  America was built on Mom & Pops and manufacturing and industry in America.  Not on Service as the government and media imply.  We allowed other countries to steal our manufacturing by imposing laws and restrictions on our own people. 

Thank you for considering the opinion of just one successful “Mom & Pop Operation” still standing in America.  We strive to supply our customers the “AMERICAN CONSUMER” with products “MADE IN THE USA” such as Stetson hats, Resistol hats, Lucky Brand Jeans, Roper and Dixie Outfitter belts, Lucchese boots, just to name a handful.


Sam Spector, Treasurer

JC Western Supply, Inc.


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