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Importance of Quality Equestrian Riding Apparel

Equestrian Riding Apparel

Planning to pursue a career or hobby in the equestrian arena?  Or, just curious about the sport itself and the art of horseback riding?  Whichever the case may be, you’ll need a good selection of equestrian riding apparel once you’re ready to begin.  The quality of your apparel may contribute significantly to your safety and performance. Thus, investing in the very best is more than essential – it is critical!  If you’re planning on taking your equestrian riding experience to the next level make sure your riding apparel is quality and performs as well as you do.

In earlier times, horses were strictly utilitarian, meaning their primary purpose was to perform practical working functions, such as transporting goods or people from one place to another or performing a farming task.  At present, horses are used for competitive sport and cultural or artistic exercise as well as for therapeutic exercise.  Many enthusiasts own horses as a hobby and often they become family pets. The magnificent beauty of the animal has embraced the hearts of men, women & children.

Equestrian riding apparel varies immensely from the English riding discipline to the Western riding discipline of this sport. Equestrian riding apparel is not your ordinary workout clothing.  Shopping in Tack Stores and Western Clothing stores is a great place to start looking for your attire. Shopping online will bring you to a variety of sites that offer this type of apparel as well. If you’re looking for equestrian footwear, Men’s and Women’s Ariatâ Quantum or Heritage paddock boots are a viable option. Some Double H style boots have 12 inch harnesses made with high quality longhorn leather and are sure to be durable and reliable when you’re on horseback or in the paddock. These boot styles are constructed with stylish yet durable dyed leathers sometimes with silver rivets and are designed with shock absorbent and climate control insoles. Many insole features reduce the impact to your foot when you spend long hours in the barn; or are riding the horse for long periods of time; and especially when you dismount to the ground.  These boots are also designed with a variety of superb slippage resistant features to ensure your safety in the barn environment that is often wet or slick surfaced.

If you are an equestrian who wants to land an outfit that brings out the spirit of the old western cowboy – a special hat will be  one of the main components of your outfit. You can try Charlie 1 Horse or any Bullhide hat which are generally made with genuine leather, straw or felt materials with built-in chin straps that prevent you from losing the hat when wind changes occur or riding speed increases.

Women also have a wide array of styles to choose from to complete their equestrian outfits. If you’re looking for jeans or breeches that can comply with the rough and messy work setting of horseback riding while still being able to feel comfortable, flexible and stylish try the Wrangler “Cash” Ultimate Riding Jean or “Q-Baby” Tough Buck Wrangler or even Levi’s Junior’s Boot Cut 518 Jeans. These products are constructed with a slim fit design, stretch fabric, and are often of the iconic five-pocket design which is furnished with rivet attributes and contrast top-stitching.

In a riding breech you can’t go wrong with an Ariatâ All Circuit side zip or a Tough 1â Comfort Rider for children. Breeches are not just about the uniform or comfort; the suede patch in the inner thigh actually serves to aide in gripping the animal and is as big a safety component of your riding attire as your riding helmet! is available for all of your equestrian riding apparel needs in stores or online.


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