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Fashion Rule – 2012

Fashion Rule 2012 – “Have some sense of coordination in your outfit.”

If you are like me you were taught fashion rules by your mother, “never wear stripes with plaids”; “your shoes should be darker than your hemline (slacks or skirts)” and “your purse should always match your shoes!”  These are just a few basic fashion rules from years past and then there are a few more like “never wear white shoes after Labor Day” and your” lipstick should match your nail polish” & vice versa.  Of course, I learned most of these rules by violating them; and by being sent back to my room by my mother to comply!

As an adult I no longer have to comply with my mother’s fashion “Rules” for instance, today, my nail polish does not match my lipstick.  But I see some people wearing things that violate every single rule I was ever taught.  Sometimes I am appalled to see fashion calamities and feel sorry for the wearer, in that, they must not have had anyone to teach them the Rules?  Other times, I want to shout “You Go Girl” when I see someone making a statement of “Her Own Rules!”  Some stripes do go with plaids now – especially since the introduction of coordinating and  reverse  fabric patterns.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not walking around in plaid on plaid.  I will admit some rules are good rules and should never be changed … like the  “If  You’ve Got It Flaunt It” rule.  That’s a good rule and I like that rule.

No matter what generation of rules you were taught I think most women agree these days an outfit has to have some sense of coordination.  Not necessarily “matching” but at a minimum a coordinating of colors, or accessories, and a mixture of  fabrics and textures.

For instance, if I wear my black Santiki or Lucy Love  blouse with my Miss Me Jeans, I like to wear my black Lucchese Lizard Cowboy Boots,  a  black Tony Lama western belt and perhaps carry a black American West hand tooled purse.  I would finish the look with my Montana Silver Smith Spur earrings and make sure to switch to my “spinning rowel” Montana Silver Smith belt buckle.

Dressing like this makes me feel like “I make the rules”.  After all, there are no rules that apply to spurs, and what you can and cannot wear them with.  Whether they are on the back of your boot, on your belt buckle or in your ears – there are no rules?

So my personal Rule for 2012 is “have some sense of coordination.”  Everything I mentioned above is in my closet and I bought it all at JC Western in Jupiter.  If I were coordinating an outfit and they did not have my size in stock I viewed their catalog and ordered exactly what I wanted for direct shipment to me.  I have not shopped with them online yet, because I live so close, but is their website site if you are not a local near Jupiter, Fl or West Palm Beach.   So again, I repeat my Fashion Rule 2012…. “Have some sense of coordination”.

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