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“Home Town Businesses” Partnering-Up

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Help Keep the “Home Town Businesses” Alive

In this day and age “Home Town Businesses” are becoming a rarity.  With the current rigid economy, one way to survive in small business is to “Partner-Up” with other small businesses.  Thankfully, opportunities to partner up with other small businesses are abundant in Jupiter and West Palm Beach.

JC Western originated in West Palm Beach, Florida and has partnered with others throughout its entire existence.  Now with another small town under its belt in Jupiter, Florida there are more partners to work with.  Not a day goes by that someone does not walk into one of their western apparel stores to discuss some form of partnership.  The old “you scratch my back – I’ll scratch yours” theory is still a good business practice.  Whether it is a local horse show looking for Class Sponsors for their English & Western Riding events, or an individual Riding Instructor looking for donations for their students there is always a need to help others.  When we hear a local is struggling to survive a life threatening illness or come out from under medical bills we always participate in fundraising events.   We often provide gift certificates for raffle purposes.   When our local schools are having silent auctions we donate things like our MEN’S LAREDO CAMOUFLAGE WESTERN BOOT STYLE # 12611 or  WOMEN’S LAREDO SUNKISSED WESTERN BOOT STYLE # 5824 boots. We have sponsored local Rodeos and Fairs too.  JC Western makes its’ two locations available for many different types of Club meetings.  You would be surprised how easy it is to help others.  As a result of us being willing to help, we gain new friendships, new customers and most of all local people who are loyal to our stores.  So many small business owners feel they need to reserve all of their funds in order to continue to do business.  Not necessarily true.  Sometimes it takes a little give and take.  Try “Partnering-Up” with other “Home Town Bussineses”  in your community and watch how fast your name and reputation will grow!

JC Western is a proud retailer of English & Western riding apparel.

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