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Jeans Altered – While You Wait at JC Western

Custom Hemming of Jeans Available in this Day and Age!

Why have a tailor available in a western store?  First and foremost hemming a customer’s jeans has been a free service we have provided to our customers since our inception 60+ years ago.  Secondly, if you purchase your jeans from us we want you to look and feel like they were custom made for you.  Lastly, if you spend money purchasing a quality pair of  jeans you should not have to spend additional time and money finding a qualified seamstress or tailor to alter them to fit you.

In recent years, manufacturers have chosen to mass produce jeans just a bit longer to allow for shrinkage and the ever changing height of footwear heels worn by both men and women.  Cowboy boots for example have an average heel height of 2 inches which will definitely affect the length of the jean you purchase to wear with them.  Women’s footwear heel heights have no limits!

Don’t misunderstand, not all of our customers require jean hemming.  So we do not spend our day here altering jeans.  However, there are customers that have to hem every pair of  jeans they buy due to an odd inseam length not readily available to them in stores.  They cannot simply  buy off the shelf sizes and wear them immediately.  A seamstress or tailor is generally a part of their clothing ritual throughout their lives.  For these customers especially, we are glad to help make their shopping experience easier and more affordable.  

Before we begin hemming, our experienced staff will assist customers in selecting a garment size that has adequate room for the expected shrinkage in waist and length.  Some customers choose to take their item home; wash it; and bring it back for hemming.  Which is perfectly fine with us.  Others, just take a look at a sample of what we can do for them in store and have the hemming done while they wait.  On average a pair of jeans takes no longer than 10-15 minutes to hem.

We start by adding   an additional ¼” to 1/2″ inch to the inseam measurement that we take to allow for shrinkage. Why add length? Because, most jeans will indeed shrink just a bit in length when laundered, although this is entirely dependent upon the quality of the denim that the jean is made from; as well as adherence to manufacturer’s care label instructions.   When washed, raw denim will shrink between 1.5″-3″ inches in length (inseam) and between 1″ and 2 ½” in waist size if unsanforized.  (Sanforizing means to preshrink (cloth) permanently by a patented process before making the garment.)  Most jeans are unsanforized.

With this in mind, we try to ask the customer how they plan to wear the jean; and what their footwear preference is with this particular pair of jeans.  Dependant upon their response we will make the appropriate allowance in our hemming guidelines.

Come in today for free hemming with jean purchase ! ALWAYS available at JCWestern stores.

We will be happy to assist you with, Internet ordering to accommodate odd size inseam lengths.

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