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Mens 501 Button Fly Blue Jeans

When it comes to jeans, some guys prefer Levi’s Men’s 501 Button Fly Blue Jeans over those with zippers. While it’s true that zippers offer a lifetime of ups and downs, there is something about the tried and true technology that a button provides that gives a guy a greater sense of security that a zipper can’t replace. Have you ever heard of anyone getting anything caught in his button fly? Probably not.

We call those men who prefer buttons over zippers traditionalists; men who resist change for the sake of change. Why change a proven method of keeping the old barn door secure just because someone came up with a new idea?

Men’s 501 Button Fly Blue Jeans have been a favorite of cowboys, roustabouts and everyday guys who love the feel and fit of these iconic jeans. They fill a role in the workplace, on the range or at practically every fun event. These are the jeans that helped win the west and the hearts of girls who love the guys who wear them all over this land.

Get a pair or two of 501 Levi’s now at the JC Western online shop and save a few bucks in the process.

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