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Shop Men’s Dan Post Birmingham Genuine Caiman Boots


dan post caimanA Cowboy boot with an exotic flair for any occasion the Men’s Dan Post Birmingham Caiman Boot is fully leather lined, with Cowboy heel and leather outsole.

The 13” flank with fancy, detailed stitching sits atop a genuine flank cut Caiman Leather foot. Equipped with the original Dan Post ultimate flex insole the cushion inside reduces step shock and keeps you wearing these boots in comfort all day long. This insole is designed to give flexibility while supporting the heel and arch at the same time.

Men’s Dan Post Birmingham Caiman boots are available in a variety of sizes and colors: an elegant Black, a dark, rich Chocolate and the unusual leather look of Bay Apache. You will love the comfort and style of these boots in true Western Tradition and appreciate the elegance that Genuine Caiman Boots bring as an addition to your wardrobe. Almost too impressive to wear you will find that you can hardly take them off after a while.

JC Western has been offering genuine Dan Post Boots for many years to their local customers in their Florida retail stores. Their expertise in Western Wear stems from long years of providing ranchers, farmers and migrant or construction workers with the best quality Western footwear and clothing available at a fair price. Their incredible customer service is second to none. Deciding to provide this service to a much broader customer base the family now opened an online store, enabling national and international shoppers to gain access to the best Western Wear since 1954.

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