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Shop Men’s Tony Lama Chimayo Bead Belt Online

Tony Lama Belt

One way cowboys like to show off is to wear their fancy beaded belts, just like the ones we have made for us by Tony Lama. His designs are authentic reproduction of the original belts that are still made by Native American artisans in the Southwest.

These handsome leather belts feature hand tooled tips and ornately engraved silver buckles. The highlight is the Southwestern themed beaded center inlays that reflect the Navajo heritage of the designer. No matter where you wear them, they add a distinctive look to your casual wardrobe.

view-item-nowThe belts are 1-1/2” wide, and come only in a natural tan leather that highlights the elaborate bead work. The buckle can be removed if you care to embellish the look with one of your unique buckles. If you want to add even more character to your Chimayo belt, check our online inventory of custom belt buckles.

If you are not sure how to order the right size, take your waist size and add 2 inches. In other words, if your waist line measures 32”, order a 34” belt. If you have an odd sized waist, a 33″ for instance, order a 36” belt. That’s a trick we learned from our grandfather who enjoyed a good sized belt now and then.

You can order this belt online at: This is a bold new step our old line family business has taken in response to the many requests from customers scattered all across the nation. Now everyone can shop at JC Western Wear from the convenience of home.


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