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Shop Resistol George Strait 4 X Times Felt “Added Money” Cowboy Hat Online

George Strait Resistol Added Money At JC Western Wear Online Super Store

george straight added moneyGeorge Strait Resistol Added Money Now in Stock. Back in the day, this was the hat to wear to keep your head and shoulders dry. It’s got a 4” wide brim, long oval shape with 4 5/8” crown, making this a much larger hat than men would wear nowadays. But the big difference is that nowadays we got George Straight, who made this particular style cowboy hat so immensely popular that Resistol came up with an entire line of George Straight hats.

view nowThe Resistol “Added Money” is made from super soft beaver blend fur felt in 4X quality and is available in black or acorn. A self-matching hair-on band, adorned with silver diamond and circle accents, complete with George Strait’s signature finishes off this iconic hat. It won’t make you famous to wear the George Strait “Added Money” hat but it sure will make you look like and feel like a million bucks – and it might just get you noticed by the ladies. If nothing else, this hat is a comfortable, stylish addition to any authentic Western wardrobe.

Resistol has been making hats for about as long as Cowboys have been riding the trails, and at JC Western they have been selling their hats since they first opened their doors 58 years ago. Always knowing what their customers need and giving them the best quality for the money has made JC Westerns stores so popular that they recently opened an Internet superstore. Now more customers can take advantage of their expertise at the fairest prices around.

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