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Shop Women’s Lucchese 1883 Crowley Stitch Collar and Wingtip Boots

Women’s Lucchese 1883 Crowley  Wingtips

lucchese womens crowleyIf you love wearing jeans you will love the way these boots go with them. From the Lucchese 1883 line, named so for the year the talented Italian craftsmen at Lucchese started designing and fabricating the finest boots around, these Women’s Lucchese 1883 Crowley Stitch Collar and Wingtip boots are made of all over soft goat leather in a 12” high shaft, Crowley stitch pattern, with a detailed wing tip in chocolate marsh collar, nicely contrasting the tan colors of the boot.

The same deep chocolate marsh color is accented on the shaft as well, making this a beautiful classic Western Boot for the lady. With fashion square 5 toe, western heel and soft cushion insole the Crowley Stitch Collar And Wingtip boot by Lucchese features the same handmade excellence you’d expect from any Lucchese boot. The contrast of the tan and deep chocolate marsh color make this Women’s Lucchese 1883 a perfect boot for walking!

To check out the Women’s Crowley and Stitch Collar Wingtip boot or any other great quality Ladies Western Boot go to JC Westerns new internet store. JC Western carries on their family tradition of offering the best in western fashion boots and clothing since 1954 and they recently decided to expand their Florida retail locations onto the web.

So now everyone can take advantage of their expertise – go check them out at

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