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Shop Women’s Justin Bent Rail BRL314 Online

Shop Women’s Justin Bent Rail BRL314 

Hey there ladies! We just got in a shipment of these terrific cowgirl boots from Justin Bent. We know you will just love them. First of all, they are 100% American made, and are perfect for our All American women. We thought that they look so good that you don’t need a horse to own a pair. In fact, they look just as terrific behind the wheel of a Mustang convertible. Some of the guys in the family are not happy that these boots are available for women only. Our gals tell them that if the boots fit, wear them.

view item nowThese beauties come with American burnished chocolate leather with a classy 13” red calf leather upper and a medium heel that not only looks cowgirl chic, they are the most comfortable boots on the market. That’s because of the J-Flex Comfort System they are built around. We ordered them in Sizes B (6-10, 11) and C (5-10), so we have all of you fashionistas covered.

All the women around all our stores think we did right; so we are hoping you agree. Hurry though, these beautiful boots are going quicker than grandma’s hot cakes. Get them while they’re hot and save $10 with free shipping too.

Buy a pair of  Women’s Justin Bent Rail BRL314 now!

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