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Start a Trend – Wear Women’s Western Wear and Jeans

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Women’s Western Wear is Trendy!

Be a head turner wearing a white graphic Tee, slim fit blue jeans a large western belt and leather women’s cowboy boots. You can dress fashionably everyday in the latestwomen’s western wear and jean styles from well known brands such as Levi’s and Wrangler. Mix and match existing and newly acquired women’s western wear and jeans to create hundreds of new outfits. Have new ensembles every day to set the trend among your peers.

 Other stylish women’s western wear and jeans outfit suggestions for your reference, appreciation and application include:

  •  A black on  black outfit for casual Friday at the office.  Start with a black tank, cover it with a black long sleeved polo shirt, paired with a black women’s western jeans.  Break it with a black western bejeweled belt, and the crowning touch black women’s cowboy boots.  Top it all off with a few pieces of silver jewelry and you will be eye catching among the masses.
  • For college students try a pair of  low waist or low rise  western jeans, with a graphic Tee that makes a bold statement of your opinions.  Pair this with a low cut and low heeled boot to carry you about campus all day long.
  • As a couple try putting together a few couples outfits to show the world how truly alike you are.  With so many men’s and women’s western wear boots and jeans available you won’t have any trouble being a matched set.  With the added bonus you will each have from the men’s and women’s  cut and comfort in your western wear clothing.   
  • Introduce yourself to your local western store and try on a tank top, straight fit women’s jeans and brown women’s cowboy boots for a fun day of shopping…and bring a friend!
  • A sweat shirt style hoodie, western jeans and boots make for great cold climate wear, keeping you warm and cozy despite inclement weather.

There are so many other women’s western wear and jeans outfits you can create. Your personal preferences will guide your clothing choices, creativity and imagination. Take the time to try something new.  Decide on what perfectly suits you and your needs. Let your natural good taste shine through in the western clothes you wear.  Dressing is after all, self expression.

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