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Style Options for Cowboy Boots

How to wear and pair your boots with an outfit.

Many boots have come and gone  with fashion trends.  However, cowboy boots will never go out of style.  Have you ever wondered what makes western cowboy boots such a classic? 

There is no better tool than a western style boot when you are building a look uniquely your own!  Western style boots are readily available in a variety of different colors and patterns. They are also available in “custom made one-of-a-kind style combinations” This allows men and women to create the perfect boot to compliment any unique outfit or look they choose to create that no one else will ever have or wear.

For men, cowboy boots are “classics” because they are generally made of very rugged durable materials such as cowhide leather or exotic animal skins.  To name a few, buffalo, alligator, sting ray, snake, elephant, ostrich, eel, elk, and lizard. Cowboy boots are traditionally designed to have a high shaft with no lacing, pointed, rounded or square toe, and slightly higher heel than a regular shoe.  With these characteristics, the cowboy boot stands out as a  “good investment” for most men.

For women, western style boots, are “classics” because they can be worn in a myriad of ways.

For example:

Paired with a Dress:

This is a popular way for women to flaunt their cowboy boots.   These boots look good if you pair them up with a loose, casual prairie dress that is above the knee in length. You can also pair them with a simple black dress. The contrast between the feminine dress and the strong cowboy boots makes for a great look.  Women can choose any combination of colors or textures in leather or embellishments.

Paired with  Jeans:

This is the most basic way to wear cowboy boots. These boots can be worn under the jeans. This looks comes together best if the jeans are long, and flared or wide-legged known as “boot-cut” which gives an illusion of a taller and slimmer figure. Western style boots can also be worn outside the leg of the jeans. This look comes together best with a “skinny” or “straight leg”  jean.

Paired with Tights/Leggings:

This look is like having the best of both worlds. Leggings can be paired with a simple tunic dress or straight skirt and a  good looking pair of western stlye boots.  One can even try different textures of leggings to compliment colors or textures in the leather  boots.


Cowboy boots are a phenominal way to make a “fashion statement”!  Beware not to become a “fashion catastrophe” by overdoing this look.  Do not wear these boots with a loud, colorful outfit with a busy pattern. The cowboy boots should be the main focus of your outfit.  Choose a very simple outfit to pair up with gorgeous western style boots.  Unless you are going to a theme party, do not wear a full cowboy themed ensemble. Not everyday is Halloween. Therefore, it is not necessary to add cowboy hats, fringe, denim shorts and checkered tops to every western outfit.  Less is more when it comes to these boots.  Do go with a large belt or buckle and some jewelry but keep other accessories  to a minimum.

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