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Theme Wear for Attending Country Music Concerts

Concert Dress Headquarters

Fans Dress the part when attending Country Music Concerts.

Most of us at JC Western look like we are going to a Country Music Concert everyday.  If you are someone who does not live in jeans and western boots, like we do, then there are a few occasions that it is likely you will dress like us.   Attending your favorite Country Music Artists’ Concert is one of them. 

Here in West Palm Beach, our local concert venue is called the Cruzan Amphitheatre.  For years now our customers have been stopping by our JC Western West Palm Beach Store at 729 North Military Trail, West Palm Beach to get dressed before they attend a Country or Rock Concert at Cruzan Amphitheater.   

At first, we thought it was a bit “different” that customers would buy a complete oufit and want to put it all on and wear it out of the store!  Now, after years of experiencing an influx of customers just prior to a big country or rock music concert – we are all too familiar with fan frenzy. 

Fans like to mimic their idols, be it with the same type of cowboy hat, jeans, or western boots that their favorite performer wears, or a graphic tee that makes a bold statement for them!

There is a certain excitement that surrounds a fan preparing to live the dream for a few short hours when their favorite performer is in their home town.  You can feel it when they come into the store.  They have a vision of how they want to look and feel; and they want us to help them put it all together.  We love doing it – it is fun for us too.

It has been going on for so long now, it is customary for us to receive a listing of upcoming concert happenings at Cruzan Amphitheatre so we know when we may need additional staff on hand just before a big concert event. 

Next time you have a concert to attend  and you want to “dress the part” stop by either of our two store locations (Jupiter & West Palm Beach), or shop online ahead of time at


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