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Western Stores Carry “Dickies” Brand Clothing

Dickies Brand Clothing For Work, Medical & School Uniforms

Dickies Brand was once known to be the working man’s uniform.  Cowboys knew what Dickies Brand meant because of their heavy involvement in Rodeo circuits.  Although still heavily involved in the cowboy and Rodeo world Dickies are not just for men anymore!  Dickies Brand manufactures a diverse variety of the current elements worn as work wear by men and women; as well as uniforms for school children.  Dickies manufactures slacks, Polo’s, shorts, scrubs and footwear.   Many of the slacks and shorts are wrinkle and stain resistant.  Many footwear styles have quality leather uppers with comfort inserts for those who spend long hours on their feet.   Dickies Brand footwear is very well known for its slip resistant (traction) outsole worn by both restaurant and medical professionals.  Employees within the restaurant industry and the medical profession as well as school districts have implemented Dickies Brands into their written  uniform dress codes.  The medical profession in particular, seems to have adopted the cushioned comfort sling back clog in a variety of colors for both men and women.  Women seem to have found a whole new look in “Dickies Girl” white worker pants.  School uniforms for children made by Dickies Brand have swept the nation in recent years to aide in reducing peer pressure based on limitations on attire worn in the classroom.

If you are looking for Dickies Brand please stop by JC Western in Jupiter or West Palm Beach today!


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