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Buy Women’s Levi® 518™ Junior Boot Cut – Valley Blues Jeans

Women’s Levi® 518™  Valley Blues Jeans

Valley Blues
 is a perfect color description for these classic Levi’s for ladies jeans. The style and cut is perfect for ladies and juniors alike. You decide what category you fall in and go for it. Pretty simple isn’t it? The style is described by western type as “iconic,” Which in plain talk means the 5 pocket style complete with copper rivets first used by Levi Strauss in the California gold rush way back in 1849. The boot cut and the slim leg design

view-item-nowRemember the song, “There’s a miner forty niner and his daughter Clementine?” Probably not, but your grandparents do. In fact we all gather around sing it all the time at our store in Florida. All joking aside, the Valley Blue, 518s are a leading seller in Levi’s expansive, very American line of western jeans and accessories.

Take advantage of the sale prices being offered at our JC Western Wear online store. Our old line family store which was established by our grandparents in 1954 is proud to join the fast moving world of the Internet. We are excited to bring our renowned line of western wear to people outside of our brick and mortar stores in southeast Florida. We can ship anywhere in the country and beyond for your convenience.

Shop today for your pair of  Women’s Levi® 518™  Valley Blues Jeans


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