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Shop Women’s Levi® 524™ Junior Skinny Cut – Black Pressed Jeans

Levi® 524™ Junior Skinny Cut Jeans

Women’s Levi® 524™ Junior Skinny Cut
 – These sleek black pressed Jeans are a popular offering from Levi’s. In fact they are fast becoming a classic in their own rite. The ladies seem to gravitate to the sleek form fitting style and the authentic details Levi’s made famous.view-item-nowThese skinny jeans are a far cry from the originals that old Levi Strauss came up with well over a hundred and fifty years ago. The original Levi’s were said to be “tougher than a mules hide. Unlike the original Levi’s, the 524 junior cuts look great on the women, much better than the originals would have.On the other hand, The ladies’ 524s would have looked a bit “funny” on the old prospectors, who flocked to the original Levi’s. They sure look swell on the ladies we’ve seen them on.The 524s are styled for ladies and juniors alike, old prospectors and cowpokes, not so much. Here at JC Western Wear we are equal opportunity western outfitters. Like our grandfather used to say, “ if the jeans fit wear them.” Gramps was very astute.

You can find the 524 Junior Skinny Cuts on line at special Internet only prices. If you can rustle up an order for a few extra pairs, or convince your friends they need some of our terrific western duds, you can save shipping charges if your total order comes up to $175.

Shop your pair of Levi® 524™ Junior Skinny Cut – Black Pressed Jeans today!

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