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Wrangler Jeans Trevor Brazile

Wrangler Jeans Trevor Brazile and JC Western Wear

 If there was ever a person who personified cowboy, Trevor Brazile would be the man. Trevor is a nine time world rodeo champ. Wrangler jeans, Trevor Brazile and rodeo champ seem to fit together. Born in Amarillo, Texas, on Nov. 16, 1976, Trevor now resides in Decator, Texas with wife Shada and children Preston and Stella. Brazile will be inducted into the Ellensburg Rodeo Hall of fame in August 2012. This man has certainly earned it. Brazile is known as a good guy and often helps others in the sport. He got his first horse at the tender age of four. Trevor describes himself as “a jack of all trades.” Brazile won rodeo’s Triple Crown becoming only the 10th cowboy to hold that title.

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