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Buy Men’s Wrangler Sport Western Snap Shirt – SS

Men’s Wrangler Sport Western Snap Shirt – SS

When long sleeves won’t do, this wrinkle resistant, 100 percent cotton shirt from Wrangler is the perfect choice. This Wrangler creation has features that men like. Not only is it comfortable, the spread collar goes well with the western style front and back yokes that distinguish it from traditional shirts. The snap flap pockets are also appreciated, as they keep the front of the shirt looking neat and pressed while giving a guy a safe place to secure small objects and one hundred dollar bills. In fact, the pockets will hold a wad of bills so long as they are folded neatly.

view-item-nowThe shirts come in medium, large and extra large sizes. The pattern is a good combination of blue, green and white, a perfect match for jeans. Because they are made of a wrinkle resistant cotton fabric, a man can wear them all day without gathering a single wrinkle. We must warn you that this shirt can’t prevent you from dribbling barbecue sauce down the front of the shirt. However, wearing a bib can remedy that problem.

The Wrangler Snap Western short sleeve shirt is available at our 2 JC Western Wear locations in south Florida or online.


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